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At What About Our Daughters? We are here to serve as role models to young daughters that have been forgotten, abused, hurting, or may be without a mother figure in her life to give "our daughters" guidance on how to become a woman in today’s society. By mothering, we journey with women from all walks of life as they will not have to be alone sharing important milestones in their lives such as puberty, graduation, marriage, motherhood, or any other life-changing event. While also focusing on cultural and educational programs for young & old daughters as a means to their personal  development, empowerment and self-esteem. What About Our Daughters? also offers counseling programs from peer to peer, woman to woman, as well as professional services provided by one of our partners. 



What About Our Daughters? enrichment Programs are designed to provide models of excellence and empowerment through dynamic experiences. Our young ladies take part in life experiences, summer camps and more.



Spiritual/ Faith Based Services

Daughters of the King

We recognize that spiritual health is an important component of our daughter’s overall health, so we do everything we can to ensure our daughters are cared for, body and soul. Our "Daughters of the King" program offers access to ministers, and easy access to several places of worship, spiritual

guidance & support, prayer, teachings, and mentorship.





Our Motherhood program is a teen & new parenting program focused on giving pregnant or parenting young moms the tools & support system she will need to become the best new mom she can be. Through "new mom" parent education, life skills training, individual case management and parent coaching, young moms will be ready to parent their children. Teen mothers can also be matched with a caring mother who is interested in helping her through her new journey of motherhood by becoming a "Mommy's Helper"  and possibly a life long mentor.

Additional services include: 


Every daughter deserves a mother and the chance to harness the power to pass down greatness to future generations.  But not every woman or child in the world is afforded the same opportunity and are sometime's left motherless due to life's circumstances. You can make a real difference in a girls life. If you become a legacy builder by sponsoring a daughter, then you'll give them a chance at a future that they may of otherwise only dreamed about by helping What About Our Daughters? to continue to provide the resources and programs to uplift and empower future generations of women to pass down greatness. 


We are collecting donations of new baby shoes, diapers,clothing, & essential needs.


Career & Education 

At What About Our Daughters?, we believe life is about us nurturing, discovering and educating women of all walks of life.

Our organization holds several functions throughout the year to expose our participants to different career paths as well as guidance in attaining higher education & entrepreneurship.

Our "#Girl Boss" Workshop offers a comprehensive and focused set of subjects. The goal of this program is to connect women from all walks of life with women that are career experts who can share important insights on topics such as leadership, work-life balance, management and lifestyle.

Health &


What About Our Daughters? Maternal and Child Health program addresses issues affecting families, women of reproductive age, infants, children, and adolescents, including those with special healthcare needs.


Our goal is for you to better understand your health needs and feel empowered in partnering with your health care providers. To help you develop a plan of care for optimal health and wellness, we offer a breadth of educational offerings.


Our educational series cover women's health topics from primary care to preventive screenings, digestive health, female pelvic medicine, heart health, weight management, bone health, and beyond.

#In Her Shoes... 


Our Mission is Women (5).png

At Sisterhood Inc./ What About Our Daughters?, Our daughters routinely receive personal items, clothing, lessons in self-care, and essential everyday supplies needed to perform their best in school and life.

What About Our Daughters? collect's new and gently worn shoes through our "In Her Shoes" national shoe drive. We believe that every woman and child should walk into her destiny with her best foot forward and that every shoe has a story that can inspire, uplift, and empower our daughters. 

We encourage you to donate not only new shoes but the gently worn shoes that you walked in during your journey to greatness.
'What About Our Daughters?' will pass down your great shoes to a  daughter in need along with the charge to go forth and walk into their greatness, not forgetting the journey of our donors or inspirational stories who paved the way.
So please take great pride in knowing your shoe donation has a new meaning.

Are you interested in passing down your greatness? If so, donate new or your gently worn shoes to WhatAboutOurDaughters?, all you have to do is gather all of your donations and call us at


T:646:319-6814 or email us at

We will send you a WhatAboutOurDaughters? custom box for your donations and provide more details on the donation drop in your area. 

To run a local shoe drive in your area- please contact us! 

Please feel free to mail all shoe donations to:

SisterHood INC,

136 East Broad Street

Burlington, NJ, 08016

C/O What about our Daughters? Donation Closet

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